De-Clutter The House

Have you ever wanted to de-clutter your house and didn’t know where to start ? There really is no good way to begin so  the best thing you can do is to just jump right in . Let’s take the kitchen for example.  This is the hub of the home, it’s also the spot where everyone drops their junk.clutter in the house

One of the most used rooms in the house, keeping it nice and tidy is crucial to maintaining a organize household. Everyone has a pay day’s the spot where everything goes that there isn’t a place for. Lets face it, having a junk drawer is kind of handy because until you have time to put things in their proper places at least it’s out of sight . Another cupboard that everyone is familiar with is the junk food drawer or cupboard.  This is where all this Savory snacks and candies are stored.  How many ½ empty bags of stale chips have you thrown away?  Lots I bet!


Keeping the kitchen organized and tidy isn’t that hard to do, but it is almost a daily task.  Organize food according to use with little use items stored at the back. This way you’re not reaching over and messing things up trying to get to items that you use everyday. Stuff like canned foods, tuna, peanut butter, and  soup all can be stored in the same cupboard.  Other food items like pasta, crackers and cookies can be stored on another shelf.


Things can get messy when you have all types of different size jars and bottles that don’t fit properly onto the shelf. It is hard to store some kinds such as olive oil bottles.  They  are really tall and they need to be kept in a dark place so they don’t go rancid.   It’s not always practical to keep it stored in a cupboard or have a shelf tall enough to put it in.


And then there all those envelope packages of seasoning mixes.  There are tons of them and you just might need that special flavour one day.  They just end up jumbled on the shelf. One trick that has been known to work is to take a smaller Tupperware container that is the width of one of the envelopes and line them all up.  This keeps everything all together and easy to to find not to mention the Tupperware container sits nicely on the shelf.
water-bottlesNow let address the water bottles.  They take up so much room and tip all over the place. They are just a pain to store.  One solution for this is the porn,  the kind that has multiple pockets for shoes but instead of shoes slip the water bottle into the pocket and it stores it nicely. Another alternative is swapping out your bottles of wine for water bottles.  This makes a great storage area keeping them all together.   Hope you’ve enjoyed these few tips and good luck with your organizing!

Do it yourself




Home improvement isn’t anything new. Similarly, do-it-yourself has been around a while. What you might not know is that DIY is one of the biggest industries in the world! Many industry experts feel that home owners find DIY so compelling due to the somewhat costly expense of hiring a tradesman to do work. Other experts feel that having the opportunity to make one’s own stamp on a home is tantalizingly inviting, while other experts feel that some people just like a challenge.

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Whatever your motives are, there is no lack of inspiration. Television has played host to many up and coming property development shows, which have captivated the hearts and minds of many, including people who wouldn’t ordinary consider doing home improvements themselves. Second only to cookery shows, DIY shows are a staple of prime-time and daytime TV. After all, the shows are entertaining! Shows cover everything from renovations, to new builds, to wacky projects that defy convention.

If you’re one of the many home owners who are considering taking the plunge, then fear not — there’s never a home improvement retailer near by. What’s more, products are increasingly being geared to the casual DIYer… so they’re pretty easy to use/manage/install.

Things don’t have to be done by the home owner though. In fact, the vast majority of projects are done by contractors — let’s not also forget that the law requires certain things to be carried out by a qualified professional. Take gas installation and maintenance for example, it is illegal to carry out any gas work without the correct training and certification. Ti be caught having done so carries significant jail time… and rightly so in our opinion. After all, gas is a very dangerous substance due to its volatility! An improper installation and poor maintenance may result in an explosion! Said explosion could result in serious injury or death… which YOU could be liable for. So… I think you’ll all agree to leave that one to the professionals.

Makeovers are only as good as the people behind them. Presenting, in no particular order, our favorite do-it-yourself crew.

We celebrate great design all the time, but there’s a specific part of it that we’re addicted to: makeovers. A tiny breakfast nook transformation. An easy kitchen redo. Entire home renos. It’s the element of surprise. And it’s about time we acknowledge those gutsy bloggers who keep us on our toes (and in suspense) while opening up their homes to us each and every day.

What do you get when you combine a fearless do-it-yourselfer, a passionate believer, and a stop-taking-yourself-too-seriously attitude? Mandi Gubler, that’s who. Her no-project-is-too-big attitude has us checking in daily and wondering what she will think of—or make over—next. Our only regret? That she doesn’t live next door. Love her as much as we do? You must-see this makeover she created just for domino. (Oh, how we love thee.)

Are you hooked on YHL? We are too. Our can’t-get-enough-of-it addiction with Sherry and John Petersik was kicked off in the very beginning. Sure, while we’re constantly amazed by their creations (how do they pull it off?), we’re also totally smitten with their ability to admit when projects have gone wrong. As far as DIYing diehards go, the Petersiks have the passion, soul, and skills to run the show.

Mandatory pit stop: Alexandria, Virginia. That’s where you’ll find Alex and Wendy, who open their home to passionate makeover addicts all over the world. We’ve been stopping by and following the adventures behind their Victorian revival since 2011. While there’s no renovation too big or small for this tag team, they’re also always ready to share when they hit some bumps along the road. And that’s why we wish they lived around the corner.

Certain transformations tell a story all by themselves. That’s how we feel about everything Rayan Turner gets her hands on. Her infallible eye, attention to detail, and smart on-the-fly decisions (how does she always nail it?) make us swoon. And her friendly, witty nature has us wishing she had a hotline for when we needed pointers or a pep talk. Check out this DIY project she created just for us. Talk about a rockstar. Love this wallpaper?
We’ve been watching Daniel make over places, from an uptown Manhattan apartment to an upstate New York fixer-upper, since 2010. This guy has a knack for flipping things upside down and turning them into brand-new sparkly spaces. While we like to think we can keep up with him when he’s in his supercharged “Obsessive Renovation Mode,” the reality is we’re just as content sitting back and following along.

Most couples would say the perfect date night is dinner and a movie. Ask Justin and Cassity, the power couple behind Remodelaholic, and they’d say it’s ripping down a wall. And so goes the story of a DIYing duo who is constantly thinking outside the box, re-creating spaces, and sticking to a tight budget. Don’t believe us? Check out their $5,000 house transformation.

As Dana Miller’s mission statement says, home doesn’t happen overnight. And we couldn’t agree more. Home is a work in progress, and she’s managed to win us over with the projects she takes on every day. Square inches don’t get in the way of this do-it-yourselfer. If only those little tweaks were as easy as she makes them seem. One day…

Some blogs you drop in on every day like clockwork, similarly to how you might drop in on a good friend who lives down the road. That’s how we are with 320 Sycamore. Melissa invites us into her full house (she’s a mom of five) to share her passion for making things over on a budget. After all, the best home renos are an everyone-pitches-in family affair.

Jen’s got heart. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And she doesn’t mind a little elbow grease either. (Yet another reason she’s on our list.) Everything this blogger touches with her make-it-over gusto has us watching closely and wishing for more. Want to make a coffee table like in this in this photo? Get the how-tos here.

We’re hooked on the countless remodels by Kate Riley, a lawyer turned DIY fanatic, who gives us a reassuring nudge to go ahead and try this project at home. Her adventures ring true for both the pros and the not-so-handy at heart.

Casey and Bridget call themselves rookies. We beg to differ. Any challenge—a budget-friendly cabinet makeover, refinishing a desk, an IKEA hack—that this all-star team takes on always results in a victory. They inject a spirit in each project that makes us feel like we’re talking to our BFF—with a hammer in hand, of course. See the special project they’ve dreamed up for domino.

Another one to avoid if you’re an amateur is electrics. Never… and we mean never… try to install a fuse box into your property. Many have tried and some didn’t live to tell the tail. We’re not saying home owners can’t do their own electrics — this isn’t the case — we’re saying owners cannot and must not attempt to install a fuse box. The reason being is that the fuse box is the first junction for the property’s main electric supply. The fuse box is designed to be a safe guard that prevents electric shock. Therefore without it, such as during its installation, there is nothing to stop you from getting zapped with the full force of the grid. Image result for diyAlways call a certified professional to do this.

On the other hand, wiring from the fuse box to the rest of the property is fair game… just remember to get your work checked and certified by a qualified professional.

Ok that’s about it for today — happy DIYing… and remember to stay safe.

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