De-Clutter The House

Have you ever wanted to de-clutter your house and didn’t know where to start ? There really is no good way to begin so  the best thing you can do is to just jump right in . Let’s take the kitchen for example.  This is the hub of the home, it’s also the spot where everyone drops their junk.clutter in the house

One of the most used rooms in the house, keeping it nice and tidy is crucial to maintaining a organize household. Everyone has a junk’s the spot where everything goes that there isn’t a place for. Lets face it, having a junk drawer is kind of handy because until you have time to put things in their proper places at least it’s out of sight . Another cupboard that everyone is familiar with is the junk food drawer or cupboard.  This is where all this Savory snacks and candies are stored.  How many ½ empty bags of stale chips have you thrown away?  Lots I bet!


Keeping the kitchen organized and tidy isn’t that hard to do, but it is almost a daily task.  Organize food according to use with little use items stored at the back. This way you’re not reaching over and messing things up trying to get to items that you use everyday. Stuff like canned foods, tuna, peanut butter, and  soup all can be stored in the same cupboard.  Other food items like pasta, crackers and cookies can be stored on another shelf.


Things can get messy when you have all types of different size jars and bottles that don’t fit properly onto the shelf. It is hard to store some kinds such as olive oil bottles.  They  are really tall and they need to be kept in a dark place so they don’t go rancid.   It’s not always practical to keep it stored in a cupboard or have a shelf tall enough to put it in.


And then there all those envelope packages of seasoning mixes.  There are tons of them and you just might need that special flavour one day.  They just end up jumbled on the shelf. One trick that has been known to work is to take a smaller Tupperware container that is the width of one of the envelopes and line them all up.  This keeps everything all together and easy to to find not to mention the Tupperware container sits nicely on the shelf.
water-bottlesNow let address the water bottles.  They take up so much room and tip all over the place. They are just a pain to store.  One solution for this is the porn,  the kind that has multiple pockets for shoes but instead of shoes slip the water bottle into the pocket and it stores it nicely. Another alternative is swapping out your bottles of wine for water bottles.  This makes a great storage area keeping them all together.   Hope you’ve enjoyed these few tips and good luck with your organizing!